Mirror Use - How Mirrors Can Be Used?

An essential part of modern interior designing ideas is the use of mirrors, particularly if you have a small house and apartment. Placing them strategically, they can do wonders in making your room appear larger than its original size. They can create an illusion of space, and can help both in enhancing the source of light and its reflection. Moreover, if you want to add focus to your walls, choose a decorative mirror.

Placing the mirrors along both of the enclosed walls can make a hallway appear wider and longer in your home. If you hang a decorative mirror at the end of the hallway, they will make the illusion of making the stairway to appear longer.

You can place a round or oval deco mirror down on a dining table as a foundation for a beautiful bowl or collection of candies.

Decorative Mirror - picture

For houses with small rooms, mirrors can be a perfect choice, because they can stimulate depth. Putting big mirrors in rooms with limited spaces can provide bright and spacious feel.

A very trendy way to use mirrors in your house is to put large-sized mirrors that could span from the floor to the ceiling. Put these mirrors in the windowless hallways and bathrooms in order to reflect the light and make them look bright.

If you have a small fireplace, you could place large mirrors on both its sides. This would make your small fireplace room appear larger and would reflect objects around the room.

If there are wall blemishes, install some stylish decorative mirrors to cover them. These mirrors can be found in different shapes and sizes.

Placing peer mirrors in your windows will add an extra depth to your room.

In order to add an extra emphasis to your home interior design, place a small mirror just above your side tablets or shelves, where you keep your candle holders, to reflect the burning candles.

If you put mirrors on the ceilings of your rooms, they will give a skylight effect in your ceiling. Room ceilings are not the only ceiling that could be placed with mirrors. You can put mirrors on every pantry or cabinet ceilings. Placing mirrors on these ceiling would help in checking out the contents of the upper shelves properly.

If you use movable mirrors, you could easily carry them from one place to another, from time to time. This will allow you to have different look in your house, depending on what location and items the mirrors are reflecting on.

You could also use mirrored screens to illuminate the dark corners. Thanks to these mirror, you do not have to put bulbs or lights in every part of your house.

One idea is to use small mirrors which could reflect on interesting objects. If an area with aromatic candles reflected on a mirror, it could be given extra prominence.

Decorative Mirror - picture